Yonex SHB 02 MX Mens Badminton Shoes - Blue SHB-02MX-BL - Canada website

Yonex SHB 02 MX Mens Badminton Shoes - Blue SHB-02MX-BL - Canada website

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The improved SHB 02 indoor shoe, with ultra responsive Power Cushion

Colour: Blue

These supportive shoes allow players to up their game with faster movement, improved footwork and higher agility overall. This is achieved with several technologies of the shoe, as well as its intelligent asymmetrical design.

Power Cushion

Yonex's lightweight shock-absorbing material that gives comfort without the bulk. If a raw egg is dropped 7 metres above a Power Cushion mat, remarkably the egg does not break, instead it rebounds back to a height of 4 metres.

The 3-layer power cushion featured in this shoe even absorbs 30% more shock than the original power cushion, and provides 5% more repulsion.

Flexion Upper

New asymmetrical upper design for a better and more comfortable fit. Eyelets in the upper shoe follow the curved shape of the instep, hugging the foot and allowing all of the stress on landing to be absorbed through the toes and instep giving you confidence in your footwork.

Durable Skin

Flexible Durable Skin retains the shape of the supper shoe to help prevent any lateral movement of the foot.

Quattro Fit

The Quattro Fit system from Yonex addresses the four key areas that impact on fit.

  1. Toes
  2. Arch
  3. Mid-foot
  4. Heel

Designed to reduce the excess space at the front of the shoe that is created by the smaller toes. Shaped shoe technology improves grip and power transfer when accelerating or stopping.

Re-shaped design at the heel and the mid-foot ensures the foot is held firmly for quick response and direct footwork.